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Extraordinary specimen of two Comet Moths (Argema mittrei)


This is an extraordinary specimen of two 'Comet Moths' (Argema mittrei), also known as the 'Madagascar Moon Moth' and is one of the largest silk moths in the world.

This is just one display from a large private Lepidoptera collection, check the website for more!

The male has a wingspan of up to 20cm and a tail span of up to 15cm. The female lays from 120-170 eggs and after hatching, the larvae feed on leaves for approximately 2 months before pupating. The cocoon (as seen in display case) has holes to keep the pupa from drowning in the daily rains of the Madagascan rain-forest. The adult moth cannot feed and only lives for 4 to 5 days.

Dimensions: 500mm x 400mm x 60mm

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Price:  (NZ $650.00)
Code:  21EAMLP2D
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