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At European Antiques we have hand selected a variety of religious artefacts that have been sourced from de consecrated churches throughout France. Many of these artefacts are then re cherished in new homes or churches in the manner in which they were first produced. Click on the gallery images below to view our current selection of religious artefacts.

Antique 19th century ebonised and ivory crucifix c.1890
An early continental cast metal crucifix c.1840
Antique French Crucifix under globe dated 1862
Framed antique engraved silver plated crucifix c.1870.
French silver plated brass pique-taper Baroque style altar candlesticks  c.1890
Antique crucifix c.1860 with five inset reliquaries containing relics
Late 19th century Russian orthodox icon c.1880
Nicely patinated antique Bronze crucifix c.1880 - 1900
A rare early continental painted crucifix dated 1844
Antique marble crucifix on a pedestal base c.1880
Pair of framed handpainted Saint and the Sinner on ivory paintings
French bronze holy water font Candleabra c.1900
19th century family bible
Three Italian Gilded wood reliquaries c.1750
Beautiful wooden Spanish processional Christ c.1700
Italian Gilded Reliquary c.1750
Large Italian Baroque altar c.1800-1850
German Folkart Madonna with child c.1750-1800
Pair of Italian Gilded Reliquaries c.1750
Plaster figure of the Virgin Mary and Child c.1870
French Rosewood inlaid Crucifix c.1860
Porcelain 'Madonna and child' figure c.1880
Four porcelain 'Madonna and child' figures c.1850-1870
Four porcelain 'Madonna and child' figures c.1850-1870's
Four porcelain 'Madonna and child' figures c.1850-1870
A Russian icon with oklad c.1900
Late 19th century Italian polychromed figure of Madonna and child
Italian 19th century polychromed figure of Madonna
Pair of Italian altar candlesticks with mirror inserts and repousse shades c.1840
Italian Madonna and child statue c.1920
19th century metal and brass crucifixes featuring the Sacred Heart ex voto motif
Collection of antique French bronze benetiers c.1900
Eighteenth century tortoiseshell crucifix
Collection of French antique celluloid and ivory missals
French Benetier in bronze and opaline c.1880
Antique French religious plaster medallion c.1900
Napoleon III marquetry globe with Virgin Mary and child c.1860
Series of five painted religious plaques c.1920
French 19th century benitier (Holy water font)
Wood and plaster crucifix c.1890 from French church
Brass reliquary gilded on foot " Ste Barbe " crucifix c.1890
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