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Art Deco bronze patinated male bust on marble base.
A cast plaster bust
Irish or English landed gentry portrait c.1740
Mid century bust of Hortense, child of Josephine Bonaparte
An eclipse of eight moths from the Saturniidae family
A beautiful collection of Venomous butterflies
An eclipse of 6 Saturniidae moths with cocoon
A beautifully displayed case of leaf butterflies (Kallima inachus)
Extraordinary specimen of two Comet Moths (Argema mittrei)
An eclipse of 9 Saturniidae moths in display box
French Art Deco figurine the bird lady c.1930
Art deco figure of a nude tambourine dancer signed by Garcia
Pair of large Japanese mixed thread tapestry panels c.1900
Antique bronze sculpture The Athlete by Charles Anfrie'
Marble sculpture buste de femme c.1900
Pair of 20th century bronze statues Mercure, signed J. De Bologne
Gilded bronze dog sculpture mounted on a marble base signed by Mere
Engraving by Arnoldo Ciarrochi Vue de Rome
Grand triptique map panel of a view of Bruges, Belgium
Mid century bust of Eugene, child of Josephine Bonaparte
Framed Lithographs of Battle scenes of Napoleon 1827
Neoclassical bronze bust of Homere c.1910
Antique adjustable wooden artists workshop easel c.1910
Antique French religious plaster medallion c.1900
Wooden artists workshop easel c.1920
Adjustable French oak wooden sculptors table c.1890
French campaign artists painting easel
Sculpture with bronze patination (likely from Berlin)
Vintage framed bird engravings in gilded wooden frame
Antique lithograph "Le Travail" by Antoine Bourlard
Gilded wooden picture frame c.1940
Signed Art deco bas relief in bronze of "Le Billiard"
Series of five painted religious plaques c.1920
Framed collection of wax seals c.1880
Antique Aubusson watercolour tapestry cartoon c.1870 - 1890
Antique Aubusson watercolour tapestry cartoon c.1870 - 1890
Hand carved sign in oak "Tableaux" c.1880
Architectural drawing for Shopping centre in North of France 1950s
Hand carved Bas-relief in wood c.1880 from France
Antique unframed oil painting on canvas c.1840
French gilded wood and plaster picture frame c.1880
Signed oil on canvas landscape c.1940
19th century Aubusson painting on canvas c.1860
Signed painting by Michel Boussy
Still Life Oil Painting On Canvas
Framed Architectural Prints c.1880
Decorative panel with gilded fragments c.1850
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