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French 19th century walnut dining table c.1880
Set of eight green Faience de Gien plates and two bowls c. 1950
Pair of hand blown Murano wall sconces c.1940
Neoclassical bronze bust of Homere c.1910
Pair of large terracotta planters
1960's French steel brass and glass dining table
Late 18th century French oak provincial corner cupboard
Pair of Kohn wooden cafe chairs c.1900
Louis XVI style bureau desk c.1960
Antique oak kitchen rack (Potiere or archelle) c.1890
19th century English pine country table
Perforated metal musical lecturn (a rare model) c. 1900
A Murano hand blown glass chandelier with grape tassles c.1940
Two piece Duchesse Brisee with ormulu mounts c.1910
Eighteenth century tortoiseshell crucifix
Vintage Czechoslavakian pharmacy bottles
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