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WORLD Beauty

By European Antiques on Wednesday 14th December, 2011

WORLD Beauty is New Zealand's only oasis of luxury! A True place to discover, enjoy and then purchase a piece of modern luxury with an eclectic mix of skincare, perfume, candles, and that X-factor of collectables and Antiques! From the outset, WORLD Beauty has collaborated and worked closely with European Antiques to bring to retail the most beautiful rare and collectable pieces to use in your life. Our stores are a visual feast of the best that can be bought in NZ.

Each season our focus sharpens and our vision to bring the best that the world has to our very cool and loyal customers excites our partnership. Watch out for what’s new this month!

Cire Trudeon Candles: The oldest and best wax maker in France, since 1640 the wax maker to the French court, these rare and exquisite candles bring joy to any room. (12 complex scent choices – 80+ hours burning time) Exclusive to WORLD.

Rance: The oldest perfume maker in France, The exclusive perfumer to Napoleon and the French court until the French Revolution. The most pungent and delightful perfumes from 300 years ago recreated for today’s modern life. Exclusive to WORLD.

Aesop: An Australian icon, WORLD is the exclusive embassy of Aesop in NZ, stocking the full collection of Aesop’s face, body and hair ranges.

Cire Trvdon limited edition  'Nazareth' candle $159

Rancé Hélène Eau de Parfum $255

Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment $89

For WORLD beauty store locations please click here.

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