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By European Antiques on Wednesday 14th December, 2011

The next container will be arriving after everyone's holidays around the end of Feb, early March. There is a mix as always and I have just shown the following items to give you a taster.

19th Century Crystal and Bronze Chandelier

Lately there has been an increase in requests for chandeliers, so to satisfy the demand; I have quite a few arriving in the new shipment. From humble beginnings as crude lighting devices made up of little more than enough wood to support a candle, the chandelier has flourished to become a key decorating feature  giving a touch of elegance to any room no matter the size.

This transformation was propelled when the palace at Versailles was built by Louis XIV and extravagant chandeliers became a focal point in magnificent rooms. They were adorned in lead crystals in order to scatter the light to illuminate a large room.

Dolmabahe Palace, Istanbul is home to the world’s heaviest chandelier. A gift from Queen Victoria, the frame houses 750 lamps and weighs in at over four tonnes. While most chandeliers pale in comparison to this, they are still relatively heavy and require careful attachment to the structure of the ceiling.
The history of the chandelier travels from rustic to ornate, and now it is possible to find everything in between to meet the style and taste of the room where they are proudly displayed.

Mid Century French Chrome and Glass Coffee Table

New Zealand has a shortage of good quality and interesting coffee tables, which can suit both modern and traditional interiors. For this reason, I have hand selected a variety of styles to suit a mix of interiors.

The advent of mass production meant that coffee tables – as a new piece of furniture – became more accessible to European and American markets. With advancements in industrial technology, new materials were being used in designs, such as glass, stainless steel, and chrome plating.

A raft of new designs were being created as architects, interior designers and sculptors became more involved in creating furniture for mass production.  Moving into the 20th Century, coffee tables were increasingly designed in a modern style to counter the traditionalist tendencies that continually made a revival through furniture manufacturers and the public. With today’s trend for mixing styles of all periods these designs are proving very popular.

Pair of Painted Directoire Style Armchairs c.1920

These elegant chairs are an eternal classic, and are ready to be reupholstered in the fabric of your choice. The Directoire style is distinctive with its use of neoclassical architectural forms, minimal carving, expanses of highly grained veneers, and applied decorative painting. Extremely versatile these chairs can be used in any room in the house and they retain their original paint finish.

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